Hi. My name is D, im 25 and I live in London.


U shouldnt date white men cause they wanna do goofy romantic shit all the time.

The be like “honey lets drive out to the country and pick peaches”

My nigga Whole Foods around the corner fuck u mean?



Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sometimes I just wanna fool around with guys on the backseat of their car while barbiekin sits on the bonnet in her fur jacket smoking a fag making sure he doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer.

friendly reminder that famous viner curtis lepore is a rapist.


A reporter for Alaska’s KTVA 11 News quit her job on the air after finishing a story on the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana business.


With the news of missing school girl Alice Gross (14) comes another story that Latvian murderer Arnis Zalkalns (41) may be involved. He shot his wife in 1996 and murdered her in 1997. In 2005 he moved to the UK and in 2009 it was claimed he drugged and molested a 14 year old girl. 
The detective who worked on that murder described Zalkalns as “the type of person who could kill again. This man has come back to haunt us

The thing I also don’t get is why The Royal Family (most powerful family in the UK?) haven’t said anything about this. About the fact that criminals are being allowed into the UK. 
They receive so much love from all over the world, but they couldn’t give two shits about any of ‘their’ people. Do you think they really care about the type of people coming into the UK? With their army of body guards what do they have to fear?

Its not just Zalkalns we have let into the UK. Criminals, rapists, child molesters and murders all get let into the UK. 


yo but this says so much about rape when a woman would literally rather be around a murderer than a rapist

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